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EndTheSpend - UK IVA, Debt Management, and personal finance services - avoid bankruptcy! End The Spend!

A proven service to eliminate up to 70% of your debt, end the threats, and safeguard your assets - consolidate your repayments.

Individual Voluntary Arrangements

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement, or IVA, is a British legal instrument designed to provide a less damaging alternative to bankruptcy. It is a short process, and does not risk your assets, home, or employment.

Times are getting harder. While prices rise, so does inflation - and with the mismanagement of so many financial institutions, credit is getting tighter all the time.It will get worse before it gets better.

Our process consolidates your debts, and freezes interest, while our expert negotiatiors work to eliminate much of the debt you have. You avoid bankruptcy, consolidate your loans, and can regain a clear credit history in 60 months or less.

However, you are three easy steps away from taking control of your debt and finances. Stop the loss - stem the flow - End the Spend!

Find out if an IVA is the best option for you - our application process will only complete if it is, and screen you if it isn't. Make a no-commitment, no-fuss application now, without involving credit agencies.

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Our service is not for everyone - a loan or other financial assistance may be a better option for some. Our no-commitment, no-cost application process will screen those for whom an IVA is unsuitable.
Please familiarise yourself with how an IVA works before making a positive decision with our consultants.
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