About EndTheSpend

EndTheSpend is a company specialising in helping people manage debt and financial problems through insolvency practice. We work together with a small number of selected partners to pair you, our customer, with the best solution practice for your needs. We work together to produce, consolidate and finalise a debt management plan that will restore your financial relationships.

We currently focus on IVA (insolvency) solutions, but are planning a number of further services to help our clients manage their finances, avoid future problems, and rebuild their credit standings.

Our head office is located in Manchester, at 85 Union St, OL1 1PF.

If you’re calling from a landline, you can reach us on 0845 867 7441 (or 0161 660 4100 if you benefit from free calls to geographic numbers).

Our Offerings

We do not charge our customers for our services, and maintain independence from our partners.

It is our belief that the IVA (as defined in the Insolvency Act of 1986) is one of the most responsible structures the government has introduced in recent years, providing a solution to financial problems that are better for both the creditor and debtor that traditional solutions.

  • You do not lose your existing assets
  • You go not have to give up your business
  • You can avoid the inconvenience of declaring bankruptcy
  • Your total debt is reduced up to 70%, and interest is no longer accrued
  • You do not have to close your business or resign your position
  • You can rebuild your credit score in less time than declaring bankruptcy
  • Creditors have a more reliable metric for repayment and return
  • Negotiations are covered by acts of law and cannot be rejected by creditors

Working with an IVA requires a certain amount of dedication and discipline. By overstating your ability to repay or wilfully ignoring repayments, you could risk your arrangements; there is no penalty for honesty in your application, and your right to enter into an IVA is protected under British law.

EndTheSpend.com is the trading name of EndTheSpend Services Ltd., 85 Union St., OL1 1PF, and is a company registerd in the United Kingdom with company registration number 06736694.

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